mrt 28, 2019

Promoplan provides Chinese-speaking staff at Brussels Airport

Since Hainan Airlines launched the non-stop service between Shenzhen and Brussels Airport (March 2018), we noticed a rising need for Chinese-speaking Brand Ambassadors to assist the numerous Chinese tourists and business travelers in their pursuit of cosmetic products within the Travel Retail shops.

Promoplan started a recruitment campaign in order to attract Chinese-speaking candidates living in Belgium. The goal was to provide an extra service towards our customers, our Brand Ambassadors as well as towards the many travelers.

Initially we decided to offer a translation service to our own crew. So that when they assist a Chinese-speaking customer, they can be helped by the translator. This service was much appreciated by the brands and soon they asked Promoplan to recruit more Chinese-speaking Brand Ambassadors to promote and sell their products.

Due to these requests, our crew expanded with 2 translators and 4 Chinese-speaking Brand Ambassadors in the past few months, all dedicated to brands such as Chanel, Christian Dior, LancĂ´me and Rituals.

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