apr 17, 2018

ISPY Academy - A social e-learning platform for our BA's in Duty Free

As a member of the ISPY Academy, Promoplan gives the opportunity to its Brand Ambassadors to access this social e-learning platform.

ISPY Academy has been created to deliver year-round online learning and certification for sales professionals working within the duty free and travel retail industry.

Our Brand Ambassadors are able to set up their own profile page, manage their own learning and certification and network with other members of other agencies throughout Europe.

Caterina Arvanitis is the first Brand Ambassador within Promoplan to obtain a certificate from the ISPY Academy. She completed with success the ‘Sales Awareness’ training.

For almost 20 years she has been part of our sales crew working at the Duty Free at Brussels Airport. Even as an experienced sales person she loves spending time on the e-learning platform and she gets rewarded for it!

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