aug 11, 2017

ESI - PROMOPLAN proudly announces a new member

Promoplan is pleased to welcome a new member to the ESI (European Sales Influence) collaboration: INGROUP. With the Ingroup headquarters located in Athens, the European sales network is now represented in Greece, and has been so since last July.

With its newest member, the ESI already has a total of 10 partner agencies and thus offers its range of services to more than 16 European countries.

The rapidly growing and qualified network of leading field marketing agencies is a reliable partner for all topics related to sales, brand activation and merchandising throughout Europe.

Promoplan was the co-founder of the European Sales Influence in 2015. Furthermore, Promoplan’s Commercial Director and co-owner Serge Devos was elected to the three member network board in July 2017.

“The field experience of each member in its own country and having common clients open up a wide range of opportunities and a new dimension of European, highly qualified consulting, sales and merchandising services for all of our partners and especially our clients,” said Serge Devos. “As a member of the board, I look forward to helping develop the cooperation and collaboration of the individual agencies, improving capabilities, invest in IT platforms and furthering the position of ESI as a strong brand in Europe.”

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